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Events in Versilia

Event Type: Exhibitions
When: dal 25/05/2019 al 29/09/2019
Where: Lido di Camaiore - Residenza d'Epoca Hotel Club I Pini - via Roma Capitale 265 - Tel. 0584 66103
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Event Type: Exhibitions
When: dal 01/06/2019 al 15/09/2019
Where: Forte dei Marmi - Forte dei Marmi (Forte dei Marmi)
Other info: Tel. 0584.2801
After the great international successes, this summer the sculptures Helidon Xhixhaexhibits his impressive sculptures in Forte dei Marmi. The open-air exhibition winds its way between the waterfront and the streets of the city center, presenting a project created on the territory.

Event Type: Concerts
When: dal 18/07/2019 al 03/09/2019
Where: Rinchiostra - Villa Rinchiostra , Via Mura della Rinchiostra Nord 7
Other info:; 3471761981

Event Type: Exhibitions
When: dal 19/08/2019 al 08/09/2019
Where: Lido di Camaiore - Galleria Europa - Lungomare Europa, 41 (Lido di Camaiore)
Other info: Infoline: 3332318925 -

Event Type: Concerts
When: 26/08/2019
Where: Viareggio - teatro estate pineta di ponente vicino laghetto dei cigni a Viareggio - tel 3382030297
Other info: teatro estate viale g. capponi pineta di ponente vicino laghetto dei cigni

Event Type: Events for children
When: 26/08/2019
Where: - TambĂșca Casa dell'Arte - Via Cesare Battisti, 112
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Versilia Chamber Music Festival

Event Type: Concerts
When: 31/08/2019
Where: Pieve a Elici - Pieve a Elici
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The fifty-second edition continues for the concert season in Pieve a Elici, organized by the municipality of Massarosa and the Lucca musical association.The cellist Alain Meunier performs on the stage, accompanied on the piano by Anne Le Bozec.Music by Cras, Debussy and Beethoven.

Open book

Event Type: Tours and Excursions
When: 22/09/2019
Where: Camaiore - Raduno parcheggio della Badia (Camaiore)
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Own vehicles up to Abetone.Departure with sent. 11 then sent. 00 and Mount Maiori - La Verginetta is always on the 00 bed Lapo and Open Book.Return with sent 495 to the Verginetta and then with sent 11 to Abetone.Spectacular ride always on the crest with a 360 vision degrees.Difficulty: EDifference in height: 802 mDistance: 11.690Walking hours: 7.00Packed lunch.

From the Virtual to the Real

Event Type: Exhibitions
When: 22/09/2019
Where: Pietrasanta - MuSa Museo Virtuale della Scultura e del Architettura, Via Sant Agostino 61 - Info e Prenotazioni: Tel. 0584791475
Other info: Tel. 0584791475 -
The guided tour includes a first stop at the MuSA and then continues to the Bozzetti museum.At the MuSA visit to the "Capitani Coraggiosi" Collection, a selection of plaster works from the Municipality of Pietrasanta and loaned .The selection is part of the project "The widespread museum", with which the Municipality, searching for containers on the territory that host small sections of the museum with themed sketches with the place, makes its impressive collection usable.Screening of the multi-projection documentary "La voce del marmo", the documentary film that traces the history of marble extraction in the Apuo-Versilia area, from Michelangelo to the present day.To follow, after a brief walk, visit to the Bozzetti Museum, a unique institution of its kind, born with the intention of documenting the activity of the artists.Located in a prestigious historical and religious context, the institute collects and houses 700 sketches of sculptures of over 350 artists who have chosen the laboratories of Pietrasanta and Versilia to realize their works.A journey through the creations of contemporary sculpture from all over the world, a journey to discover the precious work of artisans.
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